Security hints and tips

Thieves look for safe, easy targets with little or no light and plenty of cover such as hedges. By applying a few basic security principles you can make your property unappealing to the thief.

External Doors (front doors, back doors and porch doors)door lock

Ensure that locks conforming to BS3621 or multi-point locks are attached and used on all external doors. Install an outside light near your front door to help you see a caller in the dark. If it is not possible to see through the door then install a spy hole to allow you to see who is calling before you open the door. A security door chain can also be installed to allow you to open the door without the caller being able to push the door fully open. This will also allow the caller to present their ID through the small opening.


Ensure that all windows are fitted with key operable locks which are locked and the key removed when not in use. Do not leave the key where it can be viewed through the window.

Keysdoor lock security

Don’t be tempted to leave a spare key under the doormat or anywhere similar in case you lose your keys. No matter how well you think you have hidden it, a thief will easily find it and your insurance will probably not cover you for any loss. Thieves are experienced in finding keys. Don’t leave keys anywhere near doors with letterboxes, a thief can ‘fish’ them with a long pole and open the door, gain full access to your property and steal your car.


Burglars hate alarms, they are noisy and they don’t like the attention that they get. Get one professionally fitted and your insurance premiums will probably reduce also. Also don't leave the entry code near the key pad and if you keep it on you then disguise it with other numbers such as a phone number.

Outside the Property (paths, lights, vegetation)security house alarm

Thieves don’t want to be seen, install outdoor lights with a movement sensor that comes on when someone approaches it. Keep hedges, trees etc pruned so as not to provide the thief a place to hide. Use of gravel for paths around the property is great for making a crunchy noise. Don’t leave ladders or anything else which allow an intruder to gain entry to your property outside. If they need to be outside then lock them up so they can’t be used. Although rockeries, flower pots, garden ornaments etc make your garden look nice, they are also ideal window entry tools and should be secured firmly to the ground.

Outbuildings (sheds, summer houses, external garages, workshops etc)

If you keep valuables in an outbuilding then secure it as per your house.


If you leave your car or van on the drive or in the road then make sure it is locked. Central locking is common these day but some older vehicles don't have it which means you can forget to lock all the doors. Leave nothing on view and make sure it is alarmed.